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A good garment is hard to find – especially when your favourite pieces find their own way. «Deep search» is an artistic implementation of an expedition a la Jacques Cousteau. It took us over half a year from the first idea to the final result above. You are now welcome to take a dive into this deep blue glimmering world.
Ucon Dedication. It’s what separates us from the others. It originates from the time, effort and love that we put into every one of our garments. Since 2001 there has been a challenge for us to see how far we can take our company without strong financial backing but plenty of passion, creativity and determination. The mentality of using modern design and being completely unique continues to push us forward. From the designs, to the cuts, to the stitching, we put everything we can into our clothing so you will be proud to put on the four letters: UCON.

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